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You obviously know how prostate cancer affects your body, but it’s important not to overlook how it affects your emotional well-being. As men, we might not be naturally wired to give our emotions enough attention, yet emotional support and mental health care is proven to help both patients and loved ones better manage cancer and its treatment.

Scientifically-Proven Benefits of Social Support

Social support has a direct and protecting effect on emotional adjustment and patient wellbeing when it comes to cancer. A study funded by the National Cancer Institute have now confirmed this by showing a positive association between peer support and psychological adjustment following cancer treatment. The research for this study points to evidence indicating a strong relationship between social support and cancer survival.

To say positive emotions and mental health treatment can alter tumor growth or be the only form of cancer treatment is not scientifically supported. Our personal experience does show support leads to positive outlooks and improved mental health, helping you thrive during and after prostate cancer treatment. Participating in a prostate cancer support group offers you the opportunity to talk with other survivors on a regular basis who understand and share your experiences.

Naturally, it is essential for you to maintain dialogue with your cancer care team. They will instruct you on things you can do to help yourself through your diagnosis and treatment. Receiving insight, perspective, and support from others who have been in your shoes is simply invaluable.

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Emotional Support and Educational Programs

During your diagnosis, treatment, and recovery, you may experience changes in your attitudes, emotions, and moods on a day-to-day—or even hour-to-hour—basis. Many men experience feeling good one day, terrible the next. You need to know this is completely normal and, with time, most men adjust accordingly and move forward, living full, rich lives. This is especially true for individuals who connect with others to find strength and support.

Once treatment is over, men who have had prostate cancer typically want to know what they can do to stay healthy. The Prostate Cancer Survivors Association of West Michigan provides support in this area not only with our peer-to-peer discussions, but also by bringing in leading medical experts. These professionals discuss potential health risks and what you can do to navigate them. We are here to help you learn things you can do to stay healthy once your prostate cancer treatment is completed.

Naturally, it is important to collect information about any support group you are considering joining. You can learn more about the support you will find from The Survivors Association here on our website. If you would like to visit a support group or talk to someone about your life changes and emotions, we are here for you. You can contact us for more information, or to have any of your questions answered, by calling (616) 453-8300, or sending an email to

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